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This website promotes active learning through printed worksheets that students can use with pen and paper. Students often stare at the computer screen and mistaken that for thinking or problem solving. There are students who rapidly click on link after link in the web browser and mistaken that for learning or research. Technology must be supplemented with active learning. Writing with paper and pen is important for learning and problem solving. I have two children, the older one is in middle school and the younger one is in elementary school. My kids use every worksheet (not always voluntarily) on a regular basis and we can see positive effects on their school work. I hope the worksheets will be useful for you, too.

Please contact Chi Nguyen at with suggestions for new worksheets or report of errors.

I took the long way to education and art. After emigrating from Viet Nam to the USA, I received an engineering degree from Harvard University. My career in the financial services industry included roles at investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, and venture capital firms, funded by shareholders such as News Corporation and Kleiner Perkins. After the kids arrived, I became an entrepreneur and also started teaching. I've has been a university lecturer since 2004 and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) since 2006.